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Cinder Block – Basement Leaks

Cinder block walls in the basement are very susceptible to water leaks. Due to the constructed nature of cinder block, ground water and spring run-off moisture have multiple opportunities to penetrate the foundation and into the basement of the house or structure.

The most cost effective solution is to control the flow of water from within the structure. The Watertrek system is installed at the base of the foundation walls and captures any moisture penetrating the cinder block wall.

Water is channeled to the Bulldog Water Grabber, where it is extracted from and diverted away from the house.

Typical installation takes place over one or two days and can be installed with optional battery back-ups and alarms to ensure your property is protected when you are not around.

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Wet Basement Solutions

Wet Basement Solutions

We provide residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas from Kingston to Montreal with fast, reliable basement waterproofing, foundation repair and restoration.

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