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Concrete Foundation – Water leaking into basement

When moisture accumulates in the soil, due to soil’s composition and structure location, the moisture will cause decay in the concrete and eventually work its way through.

The cost effective solution for many home owners is to manage the moisture entering the structure. Wet Basement Solutions offers the Water Trek moisture management system.

The Water Trek system is installed in the concrete floor at the base of the problem wall. A small section of the floor is extracted and the Water Trek system is installed. Typically in one or two days. Moisture that penetrates the foundation is channeled into the Water Trek system and evacuated from the home via the Bulldog Water Grabber. In this case the Water Grabber is installer under the stairs. This Water Grabber is installed with both an emergency battery backup and a wireless alarm protecting the home owner’s property. To waterproof the living area of this basement, an industrial strength waterproof membrane is installed from floor to ceiling, and the floor is sealed in concrete.

The problem wall can now be finished in the traditional manner and you’re on your way to a finished basement and increased healthy living space.

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Wet Basement Solutions

Wet Basement Solutions

We provide residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas from Kingston to Montreal with fast, reliable basement waterproofing, foundation repair and restoration.

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