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Waterproofing for the Winter Season

Changing weather conditions can attack your home in very specific ways and there are some easy steps you can take to help yourself, and your investment, prepare for the harsh winter ahead. There are two ways the water can approach your home, through the water table underground, or through precipitation when it rains and snows. To fully protect yourself, you should look at taking steps to prepare for both of them.

Eaves troughs on a home help to collect the rain and melting snow that might otherwise pool next to your foundation. Downspout extenders are inexpensive attachments that direct the runoff water further away from your foundation walls. Be sure to keep an eye on the amount of leaves that build up and can plug the trough or consider installing a trough screening lid that allows water to pass but keeps leaves and other debris out.

As more water gets absorbed by the ground the water table in the soil rises. This creates a puddle effect around the home. An external drain tile system exists around most homes and generally consists of a 4-inch pipe placed level with the footings of the house. This pipe is to collect the rising waters and then gravity feed the water away from the foundation. Once the water table rises above the top of the pipe, gravity no longer works in your favour.

A sump pump inside your basement with a battery back up offers a lot of protection. A sump liner helps filter the ground water so that your pump isn’t pumping sediment and soil. The deeper the pump liner, the earlier you can start to address raising waters and the more time your pump has to keep you protected. A battery back up unit should have a trickle charger connected to ensure your battery is as fully charged as possible. The pump size is decided by the amount of water volume you’re pushing combined with the distance the water needs to be pumped. Discharging the water at least 16 feet from the house allows adequate time for the ground to absorb the water before it can return to the house. Taking some of these inexpensive steps upfront can avoid you costly problems in the future.

Water follows a path of least resistance and if it’s made it’s way inside your home once, you will likely see it again. Different solutions exist for every type of basement whether it’s poured walls, concrete block, fields stone or simply a crawlspace Contact a professional to assess damage,mold concerns and whatever solution is required to ensure that you and your home stay dry.

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Wet Basement Solutions

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