About Us

Wet Basement Solutions

Our Beginnings

Wet Basement Solutions was established in 2009 by Doug Majore, Owner Majore Landscaping. After repeated inquiries from customers with leaky basement water and no practical local solutions, Doug grabbed the opportunity to find an ultimate solution and turn it into a thriving business opportunity.

We provide residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas from Kingston to Montreal with fast, reliable basement waterproofing, foundation repair and restoration.

Basement Technologies headquarters

The Technology

Doug’s ultimate solution, a US WaterTrek system technology from “Basement Technologies” out of Boston the number one basement waterproofing company in North America, with over 450,000 home installations. Over 100 basement waterproofing franchises across the world, The Water Trek moisture control system is a proven product that can save you thousands on alternative expensive excavation projects that may fall short as a permanent solution.