Basement Waterproofing

At Wet Basement Solutions, we understand that leaky basements are a source of worry for property owners and can threaten your physical health and the health of your home. That’s why we use innovative technology for all your waterproofing needs—no costly and damaging exterior excavation required.

Waterproofing for Any Stage of Your Build

Whether you’re building a new home and want to get ahead of leaky basement issues or you require waterproofing after you’ve already settled in, we have the expertise and technology to help. We can fix leaks, repair trouble areas, and install sump pumps and drainage systems at any stage in the construction or post-construction process without tearing down your home’s structure or landscaping. Our innovative solutions are designed to stop wet basement issues at their source and prevent costly damage in the long run.

Types of Leaks We Treat

Leaks can happen for many reasons. No matter the source of your wet basement woes, we have you covered:

  • Cove Joints: The point where the floor and wall meet is a particularly weak spot that can succumb to hydrostatic pressure and lead to water leakage.
  • Floor Cracks: Water can find its way through foundation floor cracks. When upward pressure pushes this moisture through, sealing the floor is not an option—but our waterproofing solutions are.
  • Wall Cracks: Like floor cracks, foundation wall cracks are a common source of basement leaks.
  • Mortar Joints: Over time, the mortar between cinder blocks can deteriorate or become porous, allowing water to seep into your basement.
  • Over-the-Sill Plates: Water can travel over the top of the foundation and come into the home through a joint where the foundation and upper floor meet.
  • Pipe Penetration: Water can seep around your gas, water, sewer, and electrical lines and find its way into your basement.
  • Porous Concrete: Weak or poorly poured concrete can become vulnerable to water forces and temperature changes, causing the cement to deteriorate and make way for leaks.
  • Tie Rods: Tie rods are used to hold concrete together. When they are not properly sealed or if cracks develop over time, water can trickle through the openings.

How We Approach Waterproofing Your Basement

Depending on the problem area, we offer targeted solutions to stop leaks at the source. For example, we may use a polyurethane injection and the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane to seal wall cracks. We use other innovative technologies to properly expel water from your basement, including:

  • Water Trek Aqua Route ® System: A patented system designed to channel water from the wall above and footing below to keep your basement dry forever.
  • Water Grabber® Bull Dog™: A sump pump that works as its own unit or with the Water Trek Aqua Route® System to evacuate water from your home.

Why Our Approach Works

Our technicians are fully trained and have the best expertise to assess your leaky basement and provide the right combination of products and solutions to tackle your problem. Using advanced technology like the Water Trek moisture control system, we can save you from overwhelmingly costly exterior repairs. The best part? We can custom tailor our solution to any basement configuration and we don’t need to do exterior excavations or disrupt your day-to-day life.

Poured, Block or Stone Foundations – We Can Waterproof it

No matter the type of foundation your home rests upon – be it poured concrete, block, or even stone – our waterproofing solutions are designed to adapt and provide the ultimate protection against water intrusion. Understanding that each foundation type has its unique challenges and susceptibilities to water damage, we’ve honed our techniques to effectively address and seal potential leak paths in any scenario. Whether it’s the intricate joints in a block foundation, the porous nature of stone, or cracks that can develop in poured concrete, our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure a dry basement. Utilizing our specialized systems like the Water Trek Aqua Route® and the robust Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump, we can channel away moisture from the most vulnerable areas of your foundation. This tailored approach not only secures your basement against water but also preserves the structural integrity of your foundation, ensuring a safe and dry environment for years to come. Trust in our expertise to protect your home, regardless of its foundation type, with solutions that stand the test of time.

Lifetime Warranty

Our approach offers a permanent solution to wet and leaky basements. Our confidence in our solutions is why we’re able to offer our fully transferable, lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about basement waterproofing. Here are some of our most common inquiries:

Basement waterproofing is crucial to prevent water damage, mould growth, and structural issues caused by moisture intrusion, ensuring a dry and safe living space.

Common signs include water seepage, dampness, musty odours, or visible cracks. A professional inspection can help determine the extent of the issue.

At Wet Basement Solutions, we use the Water Trek moisture control system, which includes advanced drainage systems, sump pumps, and sealants. We never have to resort to exterior excavation.

Costs vary depending on the size and condition of the basement and the chosen waterproofing method. Get a free quote from us today for more accurate pricing

Our basement waterproofing methods are a permanent solution. While periodic maintenance is required, such as checking sump pumps, you can rest assured that we have you covered for life.

You can’t always control when water enters your basement, but you can take proactive waterproofing measures. Contact us today.