How We Help - The Services We Offer

Whether you need basement waterproofing, crawlspace wrapping, foundation crack repair, or on-site construction services, we have you covered to keep your interior moisture-free.

Basement Waterproofing

Moisture issues in homes can arise from a multitude of causes, ranging from environmental conditions to structural flaws. To safeguard your residence against the potential damages caused by water intrusion, our specialized waterproofing services provide a robust defense. We extend a comprehensive suite of interior waterproofing solutions, each meticulously tailored to address various categories of leaks and their specific origins within your home’s structure.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a critical process designed to prevent excess moisture and harmful gases from infiltrating your home through an unfinished crawlspace or a basement with a dirt floor. By installing a specially sealed barrier along the floors and walls, we create a protective shield that effectively blocks external elements and pests. This encapsulation method not only safeguards your home from potential leaks and the intrusion of unpleasant odors but also provides a robust defense against the growth of mold, which can pose significant health risks.

Foundation Cracks

For over a decade, we’ve employed polyurethane and epoxy injections to address foundation cracks, recognizing their effectiveness yet acknowledging their limitations. Given the natural expansion and contraction of concrete walls and soil, these solutions sometimes necessitated additional repairs. This observation led us to adopt innovation beyond conventional methods, culminating in the development of the Techni-Crack® process, a definitive solution for foundation crack waterproofing.


Construction Services

Our expertise extends to master carpentry services tailored for basement remediation and finishing, ensuring a solid foundation for any basement remodelling project. By focusing on critical elements such as framing and drywalling, and extending through finishing installs, we lay the groundwork for a seamlessly finished basement that not only enhances living space but also incorporates preventive measures to keep it dry and leak-free.


Egress Windows

Whether you’re adding value to a new build with abundant natural light and safety upgrades or updating an established space, our egress window solutions, complete with window wells, stand as the premier choice. We excel in deploying superior egress windows, complemented by robust window wells, that ensure not only a dependable emergency exit but also fortify your home’s foundation against potential threats. Our adept team is capable of seamlessly integrating egress windows and window wells at any juncture in your home’s lifespan, thus maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity. Through our cutting-edge strategy, your dwelling will enjoy enhanced brightness, elevated safety, and steadfast foundation safeguarding