Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can lead to water leaks and costly repairs if left unaddressed. At Wet Basement Solutions, we can fix these cracks and use drainage technologies when sealing the floor is not an option.

When Sealing is Not an Option: Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water collects around your foundation due to the land composition or seasonal runoff. This high-pressure situation leads to water finding vulnerable spots in your foundation, such as cracks and joints.

Sealing cracks and weak spots is not an option in these cases—the pressure will just cause buildup elsewhere. The solution? Relieve the pressure using advanced drainage methods.

We Tackle Floor Cracks and Cove Joint Seepage

Foundation floor cracks can happen for various reasons, like improper settling during concrete curing. In some instances, hydrostatic pressure will force water up through these cracks or other weak points, like cove joints, where the footing, floor slab, and wall meet.

Our Solution: Water Trek System®

When hydrostatic pressure is involved, we use the patented Water Trek System®. This adaptable technology can be installed on or in front of the footing, ensuring a custom approach to your foundation’s unique needs. Once the system is installed, hydrostatic pressure is relieved, channelling the water into the evacuation chambers to travel to the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump for removal.

We Have You Covered for Foundation Wall Cracks

Foundation wall cracks are often caused by settling or the seasonal freeze-thaw cycle and can lead to moisture issues exacerbated by our extreme temperature swings. These cracks are often vertical or diagonal and extend to the exterior. While they usually don’t pose structural problems, they can leak.

Our Solution: Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane

To fix foundation wall cracks, we use polyurethane injection to fill them. Then, we reinforce it with a Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane. If water enters the treated crack, this membrane repels moisture into the drainage system below. This approach eliminates the need for costly repairs and provides a long-term solution backed by our lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about foundation crack repairs? We have answers!

The repair method depends on the location and severity of the crack. At Wet Basement Solutions, we offer interior foundation crack repair—it’s less expensive and disruptive, and the results are permanent.

If you notice significant water leakage, a crack that is expanding, or if the break is affecting the structural integrity of your home, it’s best to consult our professionals immediately for an assessment and custom solution.

Not all cracks are alarming, but it’s essential to assess them. Vertical or diagonal cracks that are narrow and don’t show signs of leaking are generally less problematic. However, horizontal cracks and wide gaps that are seeping water need prompt attention.

The time it takes for a foundation crack repair depends on the complexity of the issue. If, for example, your basement has experienced extensive flooding or water damage, we may need to employ methods for both draining and sealing.

While some cracks are inevitable due to natural settling and environmental factors, regular maintenance and moisture control measures can help reduce the risk of severe cracks.